ICGX, I See Great Experience, is a Digital Strategy Consulting Firm that provides unique & innovative products and strategies for Digital Marketing and Social Media leveraging #Technology and #Creativity with #Data Analysis to bridge marketing & technology to achieve digital business success.


Within the “Big Data” buzzword spells the future of success for the 21st century business. And with our powerful analytics tools and technical expertise, we can make your data work for you; whether it’s making faster, more accurate decisions, or proving the value of your ROI.


Creativity comes from the human desire to be unique; to be something beyond the status quo. By fusing your marketing inspirations with our passion for digital, we aim to launch your campaign message beyond the norm - and straight into the hearts of your audiences.


From online campaign building tools, to social content curation software, we empower businesses with the means to be efficient – whether it’s making better and faster business decisions, or creating online campaign experiences quickly to seize real-time trends.